RichoSoft SetUp Monitor

RichoSoft SetUp Monitor 3.0

RichoSoft SetUp Monitor will monitor every program's installation process
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RichoSoft SetUp Monitor is a program that will monitor every program's installation process. It will also remind you to create a restore point when you are installing a program through a pop-up message.

The program can also show you a list of the currently running processes. By right-clicking on any entry, you can kill any of the running processes. The "Restore Points" option will let you see the restore point already saved in your hard disk and create a new restore point. The program will not, however, roll back things to an earlier state.

RichoSoft SetUp Monitor can be configured to run with every startup. This way it can monitor every installation, even those stealth processes that take place without your knowledge. The program can run minimized, showing just an icon in the system tray. You will be able to access some actions by right-clicking your mouse on that icon, such as launch the main window of the program, check for available updates on the Internet, or simply exit the application.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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